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Support Los Pistoleros del Infinito for their first album : Ilu Nlala, An Afro Quantic Rhapsody
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©Anaïs Monroc

Raï Fernandez Bonini — piano, keyboard, direction
Ricardo Izquierdo / Irving Arcao — tenor sax
Sébastien Buchholz — contralto clarinet
Jan Schumacher / Hermon Mehari — trumpet
Karsten Hochapfel / Pierre Durand — guitar
Romain Lecuyer / Leïla Soldevila — double bass
Miguel Rios « Puntilla » Ramos / Felipe Sarria « Coki » Linares — bata drum, singer
Benjamin Sanz — drum, percussions, electronic

Martha Gallaraga — singer

This large set is the result of a workshop made by the percussionist and pianist Raï Bonini, he is creating a bridge between afro-Cuban traditional music and another tradition coming from the Jazz and improvised music. The musicians are working on their link with improvisation and refine a way of “being improvisatory” while playing so that they can involve outside their “comfort zone”. This music is sometime free from the harmonious constraint, incident and polyrhythmic is played with their instinct. The musicians are building forms and melodies in a constant leap into the void, which require to be mentally prepared and a full availability. The poetic dimension of Los Pistoleros del Infinito reflects space and electromagnetic strength that is sculpting the universe, our authentic environment.

This athletic music is the one that talks to our bodies and stir our mind.

Los Pistoleros del Infinito are member of the Grands Formats Federation.

Show at the FGO-Barbara Center on the 30th of September 2016 (for the MiRR Festival)
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