MaJor bUg


8th March : Show at the Cirque Electrique, Paris

19th April : Show at the Pénih Al Alamein, Paris

18h May : Show at Jazz à Marguerite, Rosny-sous-Bois

Sébastien Buchholz — Alto sax, contralto clarinet, guitar, percussion, tarma, live lopping
Thomas Sisqueille — Drum, electronic treatment

MaJor bUg was worn in April 2015, from a will to play an electric and borderless music giving a large place to improvisation and electronic music.

Born and raised with Afro-American music from the 60’s and the 70’s, Major Bug is presenting a repertoire in a constant evolution between jazz and “music concrete”, and with club music or afro-beat, inspired by the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Ornette Coleman but also by Fela Kuti and John Cage.

The software Usine, developed by Olivier Sens is the third member of the group. The electronic treatment has a full place here, and the computer changes or add a sound always in relation with was is being played, influencing the way of playing of the musicians.


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Coralie Bardel and Emeline Bravo

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