Ricardo Izquierdo — sax, compositions
Mauro Gargano — double bass, compositions
Fabrice Moreau — drum, compositions

ANTS explore the different aspects of improvisation, as mush as on the formal plan that on the strictly improvised. The three musicians are developing their own language that is that is nearly touching the writing and the improvisation. Faltering between modern jazz and current modal. Contemporary music, folk and Latina music. The process of integration aware musique styles and forms coming from other culture and is in the center of their creative process. The background work on the way they play, and the composition was constructed in many years. By transforming their musical legacy freely, they erased the stylistic barrier by focusing on the dialog of the moment. Always on a very personal artistic approach but by staying very melodic in the acceptation of our post-contemporary era. The Cuban saxophonist Ricardo Izquierdo, the Italian double bass player Mauro Gargano and the French drummer Fabrice Moreau are pushing the limits, are playing with the rhythm on an unexcepted way, are blowing of the same creative flame that is feeding from the complicity and the trust they have on each other. This first installment is the result of hard work on the Parisian basement, the same basement that are hosting improvisational musician of yesterday and today.


Extrait Live @ Sunset, Paris

Contact : Ricardo Izquierdo – – 06 01 76 69 42